Early growth equity for rapidly-scaling B2B software and healthcare companies

Partnering with exceptional teams since 1983


We partner with strong CEOs of high-growth businesses, and together we scale.

Delivering managed detection 
and response (MDR) across the enterprise.

Above all, I genuinely believe that NMP cares about the team and the company’s success. It’s not just about the return we generate. I can’t overstate how much that trust matters.

CEO Image

Brian Beyer

CEO and co-founder of Red Canary

Offering best in class infusion therapy in under-served markets.

If I started another company, NMP is the first investor I would call.

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Gus De Avillez

CEO of Medix Infusion

Solving complex pricing challenges with next-generation revenue management software.

NMP has added tremendous value beyond capital. They helped us put together a board of operators with $1B+ exits, guided us on our transition from services to SaaS, and supported us through the pandemic.

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Dax Cross

CEO of Revenue Analytics

Delivering comprehensive care 
at home.

A lot of firms focused on the “buzz” while Noro-Moseley was focused on developing a sustainable economic model and a scalable, successful business.

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Travis Messina

Former CEO of Contessa

Our Exits

Our exits represent over $4 billion in aggregate enterprise value since 2015

NMP Investment Criteria

We are actively investing in businesses that meet these key criteria

  • Year-over-year growth


  • Compelling unit economics

  • Target revenue run rate


  • nmp target investment



  • Minimal prior funding

    < $20M