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Company Spotlights

Our portfolio includes high-growth businesses from leading innovation hubs across the U.S.

75% reduction in cybersecurity risk

Red Canary enables businesses to run securely and successfully by allowing security teams to focus on the highest priority security issues. By removing the need to build and manage a threat detection operation, Red Canary helps its clients focus on quickly responding to security threats.

150 million new patients accessible for clinical trials

Elligo has revolutionized pharmaceutical research by accelerating decentralized clinical trials through automated access to 150 million diverse patients and their data. Elligo’s revolutionary platform has been utilized in over 200 clinical trials.

20,000 Mac machines operated across global data centers

MacStadium is the leading provider of enterprise-class cloud solutions for Mac and iOS app development, with top-tier data centers around the world.

Largest Social Services Search and Referral Network in the U.S.

3.4 million people searched on the Findhelp network for free and reduced cost social care programs across the country in 2020. This equated to more than 11.6 million searches on the platform for services including food delivery, healthcare, and assistance with housing and utility bills, across a network of over 230,000 social services programs in every zip code in the country.


Our Exits

Our exits represent over $4 billion in aggregate enterprise value since 2015

NMP Investment Criteria

We are actively investing in businesses that meet these key criteria

  • Year-over-year growth


  • Compelling unit economics

  • Target revenue run rate


  • nmp target investment



  • Minimal prior funding

    < $10M